Proactive 税收筹划 to Navigate Transaction 合规

As the number of mergers and acquisitions across industries continues to increase, so do the complexities of taxes associated with these types of transactions. The current market activity is dependent upon local, 状态, 以及联邦税法, as well as international regulations, and the status of private equity dollars.

Due to this balancing act – the process of buying or selling a company can lead to substantial tax saving opportunities as well as potential risks. Navigating this process requires a partner to advise the best tax position during all phases of a transaction to lead to making an advantageous business decision.

SC&H组 tax advisors help buyers and sellers navigate the tax implications of their possible merger or acquisition. Our team guides you through the possible implications of a potential transaction and works to actively structure your transaction to:

  • 减少纳税义务
  • 保持合规
  • Accomplish the your objectives

Our firm’s diverse experience industry wide guarantees you will work with a team that holds the expertise to deliver a strategic and practical structure to achieve your goals. 与SC&H的M&A tax advisors positions you to maximize your value and reduce any possible liability.


SC&H的M&A tax practice provides corporate sellers, 战略买家, and private equity investors with a broad continuum of tax advisory services to support the following transaction activity:

  • 合并
  • 收购
  • Investment and financing structures
  • 资产剥离
  • 重组
  • ESOP的实现

With an intent focus on exceeding our client’s expectations, the M&A 税 team brings together a vast set of tax experience and knowledge that covers a broad spectrum of industry sectors. By leveraging this expertise, we are able to secure a firm understanding of every aspect of the deal, and tailor an approach that will be most effective for your unique situation. We pride ourselves on partnering with local and national lawyers, 投资顾问公司, 银行, and other institutional lenders to meet the needs of our client’s tax objectives.

SC&H tax professionals consistently deliver results for organizations at all stages of the transaction life cycle – from initial due diligence through to post-deal implementation. 因此,SC&H often becomes a long-standing and trusted advisor to those we serve.

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