Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Solutions


Transcending Finance into All Facets of the Enterprise

Does your organization need a more efficient and accurate close process?

SC&H组’s Business Architechs help executives and their teams increase the transparency and accuracy of your financial and operational organizational data and better position your management teams to make data-driven decisions. Meet the ever-evolving executive challenges with one version of the truth and use Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management solutions to:

  • Optimize Business Processes
  • Capture New Market Opportunities
  • Report and Disclose with Accuracy

Our Core Business 专业知识

  • 战略规划 & 执行
  • 金融整合 & 关闭
  • 计划、预算 & 预测
  • 盈利能力 & 管理报告
  • Data & 分析

Our Business Architechs are CPAs and MBAs who are both grounded in the necessary knowledge and best practices while also but also understanding the importance of leveraging the Oracle-Hyperion EPM investment for optimal ROI. We work to first identify the unique challenges faced by each of our clients and then work diligently to identify the most appropriate solutions. Our in-depth due diligence helps to determine the right alignment of key business process changes with the right Oracle EPM solutions. We focus on the following areas of core business expertise within Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management solutions.


计划、预算 & 预测

Can you rely on your organization’s forward-looking analysis? Our Business Architechs will provide you with the accuracy and intelligence you need with Oracle’s budgeting, 规划, and forecasting solutions:

  • 甲骨文计划 & 预算云葡京官网
  • Oracle-Hyperion规划
  • Oracle-Hyperion Workforce Planning
  • Oracle-Hyperion Capital Expenditure Planning
  • Oracle-Hyperion Project 财务规划


金融整合 & 关闭

We will equip you with the systems and visibility you need with Oracle’s financial consolidation and close solutions:

  • Oracle 金融整合 & 密切的云葡京官网
  • Oracle-Hyperion Financial Management
  • Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service
  • Oracle 税 Reporting Cloud
  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service

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