An All-in-One Solution That’s Reshaping the Industry

OneStream’s 可扩展的维度 offers next-gen solutions for businesses who want ultimate flexibility.

SC的&H组 team will guide you through a successful implementation of OneStream, the Unified SmartCPM™ Platform that has revolutionized accounting, 金融, 和操作功能. 成功实现了OneStream, your business can manage multiple essential processes through a single solution, 包括:

  • 金融密切 & 整合
  • 计划、预算和预测
  • 报告、分析和BI
  • 财务数据质量

Our team will help you make the most of this solution and fine-tune your implementation down to the most critical details. 这是一个澳门葡京官网平台, and the team will ensure that it matches your business’s unique strengths and goals.

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成立于2013年, OneStream’s creators have over 30 years in the field and prior to their roles at OneStream were responsible for building some of the leading business process technology on the market.  与背景, it’s no surprise that OneStream’s all-in-one approach has become industry standard in record time.

这种快速增长有几个简单的原因. 首先,所有业务流程都对齐在一个 单一OneStream平台. Users don’t need separate applications or software solutions to analyze every aspect of their data. 金融整合, 规划, 报告, analysis and data quality – all in the cloud – integrated like never before.

第二,OneStream拥有 可扩展的维度; allowing absolute flexibility to preserve high-level dimensionality and customize the platform uniquely for different business functions. The extensible capabilities can trim consolidation times while giving each business unit the required detail to accurately analyze results.

Lastly, OneStream has a deserved reputation for their razor-sharp 关注客户成功. They offer total technology support from the moment the solution is acquired, 他们的支持团队理应受到称赞. Their ‘call any customer’ approach to references provides each prospect the unique ability to match references with its organization’s goals, 大小, 和行业.


所有这些触手可及, it’s essential to make sure that OneStream is the best solution for your business needs. You need a partner that can help you identify this platform’s usefulness for your company and implement it for maximum value and ease of use. SC&H will guide you through every step of our OneStream implementation process:

  • 发现/需求评估
  • 执行官展望
  • 研究结果建议
  • 战略路线图

Our team is made up of business strategists mixed with 金融 and accounting professionals, with the skill-set to envision the bigger organizational picture and the expertise to drill-down to the weeds on 金融 and accounting best practices – all positioning your business to maximize its OneStream ROI. 像OneStream, we regularly outperform larger competitors through close collaboration and partnership with our clients. 通过与SC合作&H, 你会得到同样的定制, 灵活的方法, and implementation expertise that we bring to every client, from mid-market enterprises to Fortune 500 businesses.

差不多20年了, our practice has rolled up our sleeves to lead organizations through all stages of business performance management and process re-engineering – be it budgeting and 规划, 财务封闭和合并, 数据分析, 和更多的. Our rich history leverages a proven process that starts by identifying your unique challenges and your business’s core values and strengths. Then we build an implementation approach that honors your unique qualities and positions you for the next step in your work. 你是否想要变得更有效率, 扩大和扩大, or improve your 报告 and supply-chain processes, we can utilize OneStream XF to create a long-term solution that can be implemented painlessly.

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